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COB & CO Imports are now offering the latest range of cheap kids motorcycles for sale at great prices. We have a new motorcycle for sale including a range of quad bikes that are quite different from the others. These pocket bikes come with a reduction gear box, which if it didn’t the clutches can get burned out quickly. This has enabled us to reduce the clutch ware by massive 80%. Beside this, it has enabled the manufacturers to fit larger wheels. They now feature 10 inch upgraded knobby tyres on alloy wheels. The SDB50SX-JR and SDB50JRII are the most affordable kids dirt bikes available in the Australian market today.

With the new reduction gearbox and increase in the tyre size, they have become one of the highest spec bikes in the market. They feature easy start pull starts, quality 49cc 2 stroke engines, hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, steel frame and sports air filter. These bikes are perfect for beginner riders and are to be used a stepping stone or just to see whether or not your kids are interested in the sport that is motorcycle riding. Once they have learnt the basic skills of throttle and brake control it is time to move on to the SDB50SX or the SDB50 4 stroke bike, which are both built to last the test of time and your children will enjoy many years of trouble free riding on these bigger bikes.

Our current range is so large that we have more than 200 products in various colours available to our Australia wide customers. Please click on the menu to left to browse all of our bikes by models and engine sizes.

With our shipping facility, the hassles of getting them home from the store can be avoided with our door to door delivery. If you live in Melbourne we also offer pickup from our warehouse Monday to Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm. If you have any questions at all as to which bike to choose, please send us an enquiry by clicking contact us at the top of the page. We are only too happy to assist in making sure you choose the correct bike for your purpose.

We are working on a site update that will allow customers to list their motorcycle for sale, we will update you once this is live and running.

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