250cc Dirt Bikes

Hit the scrub with the 250cc Dirt Bike for Sale from COB and CO Imports

Known for their use with off-road fun and events, COB and CO offer a full range 250cc dirt bike for sale..

We offer several styles of motor bikes for sale from a à size bike suitable for the vertically challenged or teens, right up to the full size dirt bike with 21/18 wheels. Our bikes are suitable for trail riding, endurance, station and farm work or just chasing the kids. At around 20HP they are comparable to an XR250 in performance and ability.

Like the Atomik 250cc that is offered by our competitors, these bikes are quite cheap and can be bought directly from our website. The design specification features can be seen here on the website, you can get it bought and delivered much cheaper as compared to eBay or any other online store. It also saves a lot of time and energy, as the features are clearly displayed and Cob and Co are a well-trusted name in the industry. Taking care of our customer’s is our priority and purchasing any kind of motorcycles from the website will truly be a satisfying experience.

Our 250cc dirt bike range is featured with twin tubular frames OHC engine, gripper seat and Kawasaki or Honda style fairings depending on the bike of choice. Apart from this, these bikes also have heavy duty rear shock that can be easily adjusted, alloy triple tree, a protective bash plate for the engine and great performance grips. All of our 250cc bikes come with both electric start as well as kick start. You can also track your order right up until gets delivers to your door step. Unlike the Atomik 250cc our bikes come in a full range of colors.

Please click on the menu to left to see our full range of motor bikes for sale. With our shipping facility, the hassles of getting them home from the store can be avoided with our door to door delivery. If you live in Melbourne we also offer pickup from our warehouse Monday to Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm. If you have any questions at all as to which bike to choose, please send us an enquiry by clicking contact us at the top of the page. We are only too happy to assist in making sure you choose the correct bike for your purpose.

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